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Congress themes

The themes of the 8th world congress on high-speed rail are: 

1. Social, environment, economy, finances 
1.1. Overall economic development and employment impact
1.2. Urbanisation and territory management (land use)
1.3. Global impact on environment
1.4. Energy and carbon balance
1.5. Vibrations and noise
1.6. Network planning
1.7. Traffic modelling
1.8. Project economy
1.9. Risk analysis
1.10. Finances
1.11. Infrastructure fare policy and track access charges 
2. Commercial
2.1. Service quality
2.2. Ticket distribution
2.3. Passenger fare policy
2.4. Yield management
2.5. Marketing
2.6. Communication
2.7. Global design and branding 
 3. Infrastructure
3.1. Station architecture and design
3.2. Route and right of way design
3.3. Design and maintenance of infrastructure (tunnels, bridges, viaducts, earthworks, ..)
3.4. Design and maintenance of track and subgrade
3.5. Design and maintenance of power supplying systems and catenaries
3.6. Design and maintenance of signalling and communication systems 
4. Rolling stock
4.1. Rolling stock design
4.2. Rolling stock purchase
4.3. Rolling stock manufacturing
4.4. Fleet management
4.5. Rolling stock maintenance
4.6. On board passengers facilities and comfort 
5. Operations, safety, security
5.1. Mixed traffic
5.2. Capacity assignment
5.3. Operations and traffic management
5.4. Safety management
5.5. Security management
5.6. Operations under extreme weather conditions
5.7. Operations under extreme natural hazardous events 
6. Engineering and project management
6.1. Implementation procedures
6.2. Speed determination
6.3. Project management
6.4. Engineering
6.5. Standards
6.6. Interoperability
6.7. Personal training
 7. Corridors
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